Sit For A Spell

The Sit For A Spell podcast covers the lore, the traditions, and the modern practices of the occult. Follow along with James and Jess as they explore their own beliefs and backgrounds, conduct interviews, and take you along on their adventures.

Interview with Megan Alisa - Evidential Psychic Medium

July 22nd, 2021

This week we bring you another wonderful guest. Megan Alisa is trained evidential psychic medium and energy healer. Megan is a wealth of knowledge in her field of mediumship. She teaches a Foundational Mediumship course and you can schedule one on one readings with her! Her social media presence is amazing and she has great content that spreads awareness and teaches how spirit and mediumship works. So for for a spell, and learn with us! 



Megan’s Website 

Instagram: @shesgotarebelheart

TikTok: @meganalisamedium

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