Sit For A Spell

The Sit For A Spell podcast covers the lore, the traditions, and the modern practices of the occult. Follow along with James and Jess as they explore their own beliefs and backgrounds, conduct interviews, and take you along on their adventures.

Re-Release: Astrology

August 19th, 2021

Re-release from June 2020.

How connected are you to your astrological sign? Do you check your horoscope everyday? This week Jess and James get into the history and meaning behind those zodiac symbols we love so much. We talk about what each sign means, some personalty traits, and planetary connections. We also get into NASA's findings about possible shifts in the signs as well as break down a few other culture's astrological practices. We end with a very creepy story from James and a giveaway update. So sit for a spell, and learn with us!

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