Sit For A Spell

The Sit For A Spell podcast covers the lore, the traditions, and the modern practices of the occult. Follow along with James and Jess as they explore their own beliefs and backgrounds, conduct interviews, and take you along on their adventures.

Re-Release: Ghosts! - Protections and Listener Stories

October 15th, 2021

Since Mercury in Retrograde seems to have interfered with our last recording, please enjoy this Re-Release from October 2020. We will be back next week with an all new episode and Patreon content! 

Have you ever wondered if you have a ghost in your home, and then how to get it to leave? Well, this week James covers all things ghosts! She discusses ways you can tell a ghost/spirit may be in your home, how you can ask them to leave, as well as ways to protect your home from any future ghosts! After all of that, Jess and James read some of our listener spooky stories. So sit for a spell, and learn with us!

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